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Mental Coach. Do You Need It? Can You Benefit From It?

The Mental Coaching Game.

It has been said that “most business deals are conducted via the telephone.” What is the purpose of this statistic? It means that if a business continues its growth, then many of these deals will be conducted via the telephone, possibly, with a help of a mental coach.

Why is that? It is because there are very few people who have the necessary skills to be able to walk up to another person and say, “Call me.” Many people are afraid of making a phone call. Why would that be? There are many explanations, but one of them is the fear of being “coached.” We can be coaches by having a relationship with a person that we feel is suitable to coach.

(I would recommend reading this blog post on ‘How to manifest the life you want .’ Most ideas and perspectives developed in my mind after reading it).

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A coaching relationship is not exclusive. It could be one-on-one with your coach, or it could be an email to that person. There are no “exclusive coaches” in the sense that the only person that you can coach is yourself. You could work with more than one coach at the same time, and there are no “exclusive coaching associations.”

The Purpose of the Coaching Game

Why would a person want to be coached?

Either you are getting somewhere, and you don’t know how to do it yourself, or you feel that there is a problem with what you are doing, and you would like to do it better. Either way, the solution is a coach. A coach will help you be able to reach your goals in either case.

There are two distinct advantages to being coached. You will be accountable to someone other than yourself for the steps you take, and it will provide you with feedback. It is a great feeling to hear what you say and tell you that you are not doing it right.
There are two distinct disadvantages to being coached. First, you will not know what your coach is thinking or how your coach is thinking until after your meeting. Your coach is likely to be thinking about something that you haven’t even thought about. This can be a bit disconcerting at first, and you may be trying to hold your coach accountable for something that you haven’t even thought about. The second disadvantage is that you will have to do more work to get what you want. Your coach is unlikely to tell you precisely what you need to do. This is a good thing and something that you should always want from a coaching relationship.

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Coaching has many advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to determine which you are more comfortable with. What you choose is an advantage that can make your coaching experience more effective (I would strongly suggest another article here; it is worth your time, I am sure of this0.
Overall, coaching is a highly effective way of providing you with a solution to a problem you might have and helping you achieve your goals.
Coaching is a win-win situation for both you and your mental coach.



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