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Good Screen Name Ideas. How to Choose Good Online Names.

Go ahead and go all out when deciding on a good screen name and any ideas.

Make your screen name something suggestive. And yes, I’m just saying you can use your own name as your screen name.

When you’re using your own name, your screen name shouldn’t be vulgar, sexual in nature, or really any reference to an animal. But you can use an animal name as long as it is something cute and easy to pronounce. If you’re stuck for an animal name, ask your friends for suggestions; it’s easy to be too cute.

Girls can use just about any name they want, as long as it’s cute and easy to pronounce. This could be a hard one for many girls to handle. I know for myself, I get a little squirrelly when I’m using my own name. Plus, it really depends on the personality of the person that is using the screen name.

(I would mention that many ideas in this short article come from this blog post; it is essential to know, and I’d recommend reading if you are interested in more similar subjects.)

Good Screen Name Ideas and more. How to Choose Good Online Names
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Do not use a fake name for your screen name idea.

That is, do not choose a name that has been taken. If you’re a girl and looking to date a guy, a guy will almost certainly use someone else’s name. If you are a girl and you want to date a guy, you can ask your friends to help you pick a name, or you can go ahead and get a fake name. A friend really won’t know much about screen names, but your friends will know what to look for. Even so, some handles will stand out from the rest. Even an obviously fake name might attract a guy to you (this aspect needs to be known when dealing with good online names).

There is always a risk that your phony name will attract a guy when you are not really interested in him. But still, if you really want to date a guy, it’s safer to get a fake name.

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If you are a girl and you are looking to date a guy, you should name yourself “BlondeAngel002”.

The point of a good screen name (good online name) is to get men to look at your profile.

And some terms can be misleading. If you are a blonde and you want to date a guy with dark hair, you need to tell the truth, but you don’t need to lie. But if you are really interested in the guy with dark hair, you can mention this in your profile. It will increase your chances of being contacted by telling the truth. You will not feel like you are dirtying your reputation.

To be safe, it is always better to choose a screen name that has been taken. I encourage you to make sure that your accurate details are valid. This way, your chances of being contacted by a guy looking for a relationship will be less (a new and interesting blog on this could be found here). You are not required to reach every guy you are interested in. If you have been approached by a guy, but you have never been online to meet him, you should not reply to his messages (be careful, even if there are good screen names). This is because it is easy for a guy to deceive you by getting your email address.

You can check his profile by simply asking him to email you. You can also check his interests by going to his profile.

Don’t reply to guys — and their good screen names— that you aren’t interested in.

That will just open you up to being contacted by those guys. And if a guy does contact you, be sure to tell him why you don’t like him. That will just cause him to ignore you and your account. You should also learn how to recognize a guy when he contacts you. This will help you not to get confused.

So you have learned about how you should and should not choose a screen name. Also, you have seen a few profiles that you really like, and you want to contact them. You should always follow the tips above, and you will be fine. It may seem difficult at first, but with practice, you will learn to become safer.



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