Coaching and Mentoring | Is There Any Difference?

What Is Coaching?

I understand extremely well the concept of getting what I want. What I know is that when I am aware of the underlying motivation, I can create the conditions that make a need for the result.
Have you ever had something you wanted and knew deep down inside that it would not happen because of a lack of understanding, trust, or faith?
This can happen with your desire for success. It is easy to get caught up in need to be successful. To get everything you want, you have to play the waiting game. It is a waiting game because you are not ready for that success.
Why does it take so long to get what you want? To find out, take a step back and ask, “What is it that I am waiting for?” I would recommend that you look at your life — both where you are and where you want to be. I would also recommend a fascinating blog post on ‘How to manifest a job quickly.

Coaching and Mentoring
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Your life is in three places.

There is your current reality, your future reality, and your dream’s reality. In my opinion, your dream’s reality is the most beautiful and perfect reality there could be. Your life is in a state of transition. You are moving from your present reality to your future reality and from your current reality to your present life. The waiting game is natural because you are not playing your life out in your present reality. Your life is being played out in many of your dreams.
If you are waiting for that life coach or consultant to show up and “turn you around,” you might want to think about finding someone that would help you move forward in your life. There are many people out there who are both willing and able to help you on your path. Are you ready for a life coach?

Mentoring or coaching. Which one to choose
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You might be asking, “What is the distinction between the waiting game and being coached? What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?”. In my humble opinion, when you try to put people on some kind of social or professional ladder, coaching implies a more adequate distance between the two participants. Meaning, the ladder steps are not that far away; one is not much higher and much more important than the other one. In mentoring, the mentor is always placed at the top of the ladder while the participants, the mentored people, are on inferior steps of that same ladder. Sometimes, the mentor is “on the top of the mountain.” In contrast, the mentored started climbing a moment ago or, for the more initiated ones, a week or two ago.

The main difference is that with the coach, you are playing a game.

With a game, you are not playing a game. The consequences are not that great (but there are cons).
Your life coach would be the person who would help you “settle in your present reality.” Your life coach would help you “find your gifts and talents.” In other words, your coach would help you “navigate the reality that has presented itself to you.” Your coach would simply be someone who would help you “settle in” in your present reality. The waiting game is critical to understand because your coach would be a very impartial person who would “never tell you what to do.” The waiting game can cause problems in many aspects of your life, but it could be one of the most important steps you could take in relationships (one more fascinating lecture, from the same blog, is here). If you need a life coach or consultant to help you move forward in your relationships or professional life (I am presuming that, by now, the difference between coaching and mentoring is clear to you), this is presumably one of the best steps you could take.



Hi. I am Maria. Beginner blogger and hoping to become active and known in the relationship management niche. My blogs are: &

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Maria Simmons

Hi. I am Maria. Beginner blogger and hoping to become active and known in the relationship management niche. My blogs are: &