Good Screen Name Ideas. How to Choose Good Online Names.

Go ahead and go all out when deciding on a good screen name and any ideas.

Make your screen name something suggestive. And yes, I’m just saying you can use your own name as your screen name.

When you’re using your own name, your screen name shouldn’t be vulgar, sexual in nature, or really any reference…

Coaching and Mentoring | Is There Any Difference?

What Is Coaching?

I understand extremely well the concept of getting what I want. What I know is that when I am aware of the underlying motivation, I can create the conditions that make a need for the result.
Have you ever had…

Mental Coach. Do You Need It? Can You Benefit From It?

The Mental Coaching Game.

It has been said that “most business deals are conducted via the telephone.” What is the purpose of this statistic? …

Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance Through The Law of Attraction

Why Do You Think That The Law of Attraction Will Not Work in Getting You Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance?

wealth prosperity abundance
Photo by on Unsplash

Manifestation is the process in which something that was before a thought is brought into physical reality.

This is just an elaborate way of saying everything we think about on a consistent enough basis eventually manifests itself into our lives in some…

We smile, we flirt, we laugh, and we fight — and we do it all over again, never-ending it.

photos from the Digiproduct Collection, People-Captiva Collection (copyright bought by me)

Well, I am a strong believer in the fact that Our Life Is Like a Never-Ending Romantic Movie. People believe this as well; this is the only way to explain the plethora of quotes, sayings, remarks on this generous topic.

My main, by far, source of inspiration was this article

Maria Simmons

Hi. I am Maria. Beginner blogger and hoping to become active and known in the relationship management niche. My blogs are: &

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